Beach Holidays – Why We Love Them

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like going on a beach holiday. But why is it that beaches always seem such a long way away? Is it left over torment from when you were just an excited kid in the back seat of the car shouting: “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

So could it be that ‘the beach’ is more than just where the ocean meets the land? Could it be that ‘the beach’ and a beach holiday is made up of other elements, including a beachy state of mind.

Overhearing the words beach holiday, from out of a crowd on a miserable city working day, is enough to get the dream machines going. Some beach holiday dreamers think wistfully of the sound of the ocean waves, some drool over the idea of the sand between their toes, some fantasise about shaded palms and turquoise waters and some people just want a day to themselves where they can soak up the long beach holiday sun without needing an excuse red rock entertainment review.

In the minds of many beach holiday dreamers, perfect beaches are of ribbons of soft white sand sinking beneath water a shade of blue my paint box calls Brandeis Blue. If this is your ideal then Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, Australia is a good bet. The sand is pure white silica and there is 5km of it. You can also camp, swim and snorkel. But a beach can be far less perfect without losing its magnetism. Pebbly, with light grey water and rocks below the surface, still makes for a good beach holiday. The best, however, if you’re interested in rock pooling or snorkelling is Bondi Beach, on one side of the steep bay are rock-pools and a shallow children’s pool. Right by all the promenade cafes, its yellow sand covered in rows of red lobster bodies, is great for people watching.

If you want to get technical a beach not only doesn’t need to have sand, it doesn’t even need to have saltwater. Considering that, the idea of a beachy state of mind is beginning to make more sense to you isn’t it? It all centres around a feeling of freedom.

The ocean sound and sandy salty smell evoke memories of relaxing and not having to do anything. ‘Cause that’s the thing about beach holidays: you don’t have to wear shoes or a watch, you don’t have to dress up, you don’t really have to do anything and that’s fine. At the beach you can be as active or as inactive as you like, beach boys jog or play sport or swim, beach girls who like reading, read, for beach holiday babes, sand is surprisingly entertaining. Where else do you find the same freedom from expectations?

Having to travel to get to your beach holiday destination is part of the magic. On your way the same sense of excitement you had when you were a kid builds, because you’re about to give yourself some time in the warming, cheerful sun, surrounded by nature to just do what you want. No wonder the whisper of it on a rush hour train is enough to send people round the sandy beachy bend.

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