Keeping Your Home in Good Order For Resale

Your home includes many different things that need to be maintained. Whether you own a brand new home, or a pre-owned home, keeping these items fixes, and up to date will make the selling transition a lot easier. When you sell your home, it can be a problem if things such as your roof, water heater or air conditioning are broken or falling apart.

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For some buyers, this can be a deal breaker in itself. These, and other things should be checked out at least twice a year. If you keep checking these items then you can avoid doing a full-fledged repair down the line. One of the crucial things that need to be maintained at least twice a year is your refrigeration and heating units. These need to be checked once in the colder months and once in the hotter months, seeing as it will be working almost full time in these months. This can be done either by yourself or a professional. Of course, if you do it yourself you need to make sure you know what you are doing. This is the same for a professional, but you also have to make sure they are not over charging or selling you thing you do not need wholesale pipes.

Remember to stay with the technician at all times and watch what they are doing. You may even learn a thing or two. One of the other very important things to keep maintained is your roof. Leaks can be very prominent or even damage to the entire roof. If you do not check your roof regularly, it is very possible that you will need to replace the whole thing. Of course, this is very expensive and small repairs will be a lot easier on you. The pipes and electrical panels also need to be checked regularly. Electrical panels need to be checked for moisture or rust and pipes need to be checked for leaks. All of these small repairs will be nothing if it can save you a big expense when selling or when something goes extremely wrong.

The wood in your home is also a very good thing to check up on. Things like wood rot and termites can really do a lot of damage to your structure and other things. Again, the small repairs are nothing compared to a huge problem later on.

Smaller things are also god things to check every now and then. Things like smoke alarms, stair rails, chimneys and other items can easily break or become very damaged. Checking small things will also make you and your family safe, if an emergency were to happen. As you can see, there is plenty that you need to check at least twice a year. It may seem tedious but it is a lot better than having to pay for huge repairs, or not being able to sell your home later on. Whether you are living in a brand new home or a home that was lived in before, these check ups are essential.

Nancy Niblett is a highly successful Real Estate Agent specializing in the Chandler area. She credits her success to hard work, integrity and honesty. Nancy has recently been awarded the 2008 Phoenix Business Journals Top 50 Individual Realtors. She continues to grow her business and stay on top of today’s changing market.

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