Aerial Advertising – An Exclusive Way to Convey Your Ad Message

It is a well known fact that when a company decides to launch an ad campaign, it is important to make sure that the ad incurs maximum profits and reaches out to the maximum possible prospective consumers. For that the ad should strictly adhere to the characteristics of good advertising. Choosing the apt medium for a particular ad is of utmost importance. The message conveyed through the advertisement must have a positive impact on the targeted audience and incline them to buy the advertised product or service. A number of ad media is available at our disposal but one of the most effective ad media in the recent times is aerial medium. Aerial advertising is an exclusive way of advertising products and services when your company needs a face-lift or image make-over dron.

Precision Technology Farming Using Aerial Imagery

A product being advertised should be clearly visible and stand out from the ad clutter. Aerial banners are impeccably fit for that. The aerial advertisements have an advantage over all other media. The aerial banner takes the ad message to a different level altogether and the power of recall is higher compared to print ads and TV ads. Today, business houses also use this medium to complement television, newspapers, and internet ads, to reach a market that was previously dominated by traditional ads.

Reports suggest that, the percentage of people remembering the aerial advertising message depends on the time, the demographics and the potential market in which the campaign is being launched. Another advantage of aerial advertising is that the banners and the billboards towed in the sky can reach out to a number of people busy in different spheres of their life simultaneously. For instance, aerial banners convey the ad message to diverse sets of people present in concerts, festivals, on the beach or in the market. However, questions still arises in some corners as to whether aerial advertisements would also lose it glory just as all other forms of advertisements. Chances are also there that the ad may escape the eyes of the target audience or the potential market if extensive research is not done on the time of its release. For this reason, companies are hiring the services of aerial advertising agencies to get a better result. The agencies have experts who give an apposite idea about the dimensions and look of the advertisement.

One more thing is that, unlike outdoor advertisements, the company only shells out for the span of time; the ad was hauled up in the air. This makes aerial advertising a cheaper medium when compared to some contemporary popular ad media. A company can easily squeeze in an aerial ad in their campaign to boost his sales. Surveys carried out in different parts of the world reveal that almost ninety percent of the respondents are able to recollect the airplane ad even half an hour after it had passed. This shows that recall value of aerial advertisements is far higher than other ad forms.

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