Is a Maternity Nurse the Right Choice For You?

Most parents can’t wait for their little one to be born, but the thought of leaving the hospital to be left to place routines and essentially become a parent can be a bit daunting. The use of a maternity nurse can help you overcome those thoughts by giving you the support you need and the coaching that you require.

Maternity nurses work 5 to 6 days a week and are on call 24 hours to help with any problems you may encounter. If you are not sure about breast feeding, sleeping patterns or setting routines, these nurses are there to ensure that baby and mother get the help and advice they need. Maternity nurses are independently hired by the family and can be employed as a night or day nurse or full time. In cases of having private nursing agency hong kong a night or full time nurse, they normally sleep in the same room as the baby or close by, so accommodation is required from the family. Although the nurse is on call 24 hours a day, it is required that they are allowed a few hours out of the day to catch up with any sleep or just to have some time by themselves.

There are many advantages of having a nurse, not only to give you advice and support through the first stages of being a new parent, but also to help you structure daily routines and if agreed with the maternity nurse at the interview stage can also help you with the care of the newborn’s siblings. If you already have a child bringing in a newborn into the family can also put pressure on yourself and the sibling. The nurse can give you the confidence to cope with the requirements of your newborn as well as the requirements from the rest of the family.

A private maternity nurse can also undertake other responsibilities and duties, but again this must be agreed on before any contract is written up and signed. Private maternity nurses can help with the child’s laundry, the supervision of the newborn’s room and the daily tidying up after your baby.

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