Natural Migraine Pain Relief Options Such As Peppermint Can Help Millions Of Sufferers

More and more migraine sufferers are turning to natural methods of migraine relief to replace or complement prescribed medication. There are three major categories of natural migraine treatments:

1. Abortive treatments – help to reduce the symptoms of a migraine attack once it has begun, and are designed to relieve nausea and pain

2. Preventative treatments – are taken regularly to limit the frequency and severity of migraine attacks

3. Dietary supplements – are designed to replace the natural vitamins or chemicals in the body whose absence can cause migraines

Let’s take a look at a few natural migraine remedies in the above three categories.

– Peppermint can be an effective abortive migraine treatment

The cooling properties of peppermint oil enable it to relax the blood vessels and muscles in the head and neck which can relieve the pain of a migraine. Massaging a small upright go 2 amount of peppermint oil into the temples, the forehead, or the back of the neck can provide almost instant relief from migraine pain. Many people say they can actually feel the cooling effect of the oil moving through their head.

For those that have sensitive skin, they could consider mixing the neat peppermint oil with base oil. Alternatively there is a new treatment available called 4head which is available in an applicator stick or an adhesive strip. 4head contains natural levomenthol, or black peppermint, and can be used to complement migraine medications.

– Herbal remedies can prevent the onset of migraines

There are various herbal migraine cures that, when taken regularly over a long period of time, seem to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks, although they won’t reduce the symptoms of an attack once it is underway. These natural cures include feverfew and butterbur.

Feverfew is a traditional herbal remedy that not only helps to prevent migraines but also lowers fever, reduces the symptoms of arthritis, and helps with digestive problems. It works by inhibiting the natural release of serotonin and prostaglandins, which limits the inflammation and spasms of the blood vessels in the head that cause migraines.

While feverfew is effective for mild migraines, butterbur is considered a better option for people that suffer from severe migraines. Although butterbur’s anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for preventing migraine attacks, it should not be taken in conjunction with prescribed medications.

Experts have expressed concerns that when herbal remedies such as butterbur and feverfew are taken with migraine medications these can cause adverse and sometimes dangerous reactions. Always tell your doctor if you are regularly taking herbal remedies and, if you are looking for a natural treatment you can take alongside medication, you could look for one of the following dietary supplements instead.

– Natural dietary supplements can be used with migraine medication

Deficiencies of certain chemicals in the body can make migraine attacks more regular or more severe. By taking dietary supplements on a regular basis you can reverse this trend and reduce or even prevent your migraines.

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