Top Blackberry Smart Phones

Blackberry makes a great selection of smart phones. They have all the features that many consumers want and need. Their phones are easy to use and eye appealing with a moderate price tag to buy one. Blackberry makes lots of phones to choose from, so there is sure to be one just for you.

Best entry-level smartphones in India in 2021 | Business Insider India

Blackberry Bold 9700 is a nice looking phone with attractive features. It has a high resolution display with over 65,000 colors making the picture more than bright and crystal clear. It offers expandable memory and video recording right from your phone. With speedy network connections on a 3G connection it allows for quick and easy access to the net. This phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera for great picture taking. You can do everything on this smart phone from, music uploading and playing, video recording and watching, photos, document viewing and so much more Realme X7 Max 5G.

This phone has lots of memory space with 256MB of ram and extra if needed by just inserting a micro SD card.

The Blackberry Storm2 9550 is a phone with a large 3.25 inch screen. The screen also offers 65,000 colors for the best in color and quality. This phone makes it easy to switch between applications making it easy to use and friendly. It has the next generation Sure Press technology that allows for better typing and accuracy, it also gives you a more tactile feel for extra typing comfort and accuracy. It offers Wi-Fi access and provides a long lasting battery life which is very important to cell phone users.

The Blackberry Curve 8500 is also a nice handling phone. This phone is small and slim making it easy to hold and use. You can type with ease and comfort and it offers a full keyboard of optimum typing abilities. It also offers a track pad navigation system where you just use your mouse to scroll through the programs and applications that you need. This phone is also in sync with Mac programs and can run and install them smoothly. With this phone you can take pictures and videos and upload them on to social networking sites with ease. A full GPS system allows you to use the phone to look up addresses and get step by step directions when your lost or just simply need a more advanced way of getting somewhere.

The Blackberry Pearl flip 8200 series is a stylish phone with nice features. This phone is sleek and looks sophisticated with its black shiny finish. It has sure type technology that allows for perfect typing and actually helps you type better and faster, with a special designed key pad system. It offers an external display screen so that you can screen your calls and messages before you decide on answering it and flipping it open. You can use the 2.0 cameras and video recorder to take you favorite pictures and movies and then upload them to your networking site of choice. You can also use this phone to access Blackberry maps and use the multimedia player to hear music and videos through excellent sound quality.

These smart phones each have something good to offer consumers who want great quality and value for their money. You can buy these phones anywhere that phones are sold. A sales person can steer you in the right direction and help you pick a phone based on business use, personal or both.

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