How Sulfate Free Hair Care Products Are Better for Natural Curls

Two of the most common hair care products that women use are shampoos and conditioners. While many people are aware of the different brands of hair care products in the market, they don’t know that these products contain sulfates. Sulfates are chemicals used in removing oils from hair and found in the regular hair care products.

Studies have shown that sulfate plays a huge role in weakening hair follicles thus weakening your natural curls.

To protect your natural curls, you need to avoid the regular products and go for sulfate free products.


There are many benefits that come with these products:

Better moisture retention: for your natural curls to remain healthy and shiny, you need to keep them moisturized. Regular products that contain sulfate have been shown to dry out hair leaving it dull and frizzy. Sulfate free products gently clean your hair which ensures that the hair doesn’t get excessively dry. The products have also been shown to hold moisture in thus leaving your hair looking great.

Retains natural oils: Hair follicles produce plenty of natural oils that keep the hair healthy and moisturized. in addition to allowing better moisture retention, sulfate free products also retain natural oils in hair.

Although, Sulfates were designed to remove dirt and oil from 防脫髮洗頭水 hair, they also strip the natural oils. This causes the hair to be dry, brittle and unmanageable.

Sulfate free products gently wash hair without stripping out the natural oils. This maintains your hair in great shape. Hair that isn’t covered in enough natural oil has been shown to have the tendency of curving away from the other hair strands thus disrupting the natural curls.

Retention of hair color: many women tend to color their hair to change their looks. Sulfate not only strips out natural oils, it also has the ability of stripping out the hair color thus when you use the regular products on your hair, you hair starts to fade.

Sulfate free products are mild and don’t remove the hair color. This ensures that your hair retains its great look for a long time.

Reduces irritation: there are some people who are irritated by sulfate. This irritation makes your scalp itchy, sore and difficult to manage. In severe cases, the sulfates tend to cause spots on the scalp. Studies have shown that when you use sulfate free products you don’t get irritated.

Other Reasons To Go For Sulfate Free Hair Care Products

Studies have shown that sulfate is easily absorbed through the skin and into the body. While in the body it mimics estrogen behavior which results to hormonal imbalance in women. Scientists also believe that sulfate has 1.4-dioxane which is a potential carcinogen.

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