Can You Get Addicted to Taking Diet Pills Or Weight Loss Supplements?

After reading an article the other day saying Victoria Beckham is now hooked on Diet pills. I found that I was questioning myself. After all I am now taking a weight loss supplement and the last thing that I want is to get hooked on them. After the weight loss I want there to be life after taking a weight loss supplement and not have the need to keep taking them.

At the beginning of taking the weight loss pill I guess I was a bit lazy Revitaa pro. Thinking that I could take this pill not change much about my lifestyle and lose weight. Yes, I have lost weight but not at the rate I would like. Mainly because I have not implemented my plan properly. Not changing consistently what I eat and drink have seen okay results, but I know in myself below what I can achieve if I work with the weight loss supplement and my own lifestyle. So far I have not felt the least bit addicted to the diet pills. If anything it has been more of a struggle remembering if I have taken them after each meal! Thankfully these days weight loss pills are not the size of torpedoes, well at least the one I am taking is not.

What are the different types of weight loss supplements?

I have chosen a weight loss supplement which is designed to reduce the intake of fat into my body. Basically after eating I take the required amount of pills, usually between 2-3 pills and any fat in my stomach is absorbed by these pills when in my stomach and then I naturally excrete the fat out. Like I have said the only issue I have encountered is remembering to take them and also when I go out to eat, to take some out with me.

Another type of weight loss supplement is a carbohydrate blocker. A favourite for those of you who favour the Atkins type of diet. Carbohydrate blockers work by preventing the enzyme alpha-amylase from binding with starches. From preventing this process from happening the carbohydrate will naturally just pass through your body.

Finally you have the appetite suppressant pills. Which quite simply suppress your appetite, meaning you are less likely to head for the snack tin or want such big portions meaning you are able to stick to your diet and lose weight.

So to answer my own question can you get addicted to Diet or weight loss supplements. If you see them as the saviour for you losing weight then as with most things if this is your way of thinking then you are likely to become obsessed and addicted to it. For example the smoker who will carry on smoking because when anything happens in their life which is deemed stressful or bad they will see cigarettes as the one thing that will help them cope with life and make them feel better. If however you see the weight loss supplement as merely a tool to help you lose weight, and realise that you also need to make some changes to your lifestyle and your way of thinking. Then for me personally I think it is safe to say you will not get addicted.

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