How to Wear High-Low Dresses?

The high low hemline dresses are soaring into this season’s fashion styles. With the unique and gorgeous asymmetric hemline and in beautiful fabrics such as satin and chiffon, finding that perfect summer dress is easy. Seeing as summer is in full swing, here are some useful tips in how to wear your high low dress lace dress :

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High low dresses have that very recognizable shape with the hem being high at the front and low at the back. A perfect dress to show off those summer tanned legs. With the most common style of high low dresses having either a halter or strapless neckline they are great for exposing the cheeky collar bones too. Aside from the halter neck and strapless look, why not keep up with the asymmetric feel and choose a dress with a one shoulder style? However be careful as the one shoulder look can alter the entire image of the high low dress.

This style of summer dress can be found in either plain color, from bright to neutral tones, to floral patterns so finding the right one to suit you will not be an issue. They can also be found in animal print and polka dots making your choice much more varied.

Halter neck and strapless style of high low dresses allow for a fantastic opportunity to get out that gorgeous chunky jeweled necklace. This compliments the shape and emphasizes the neck and shoulders. Be careful with smaller items of jewelry around the neck as the shape and style of the dress can drown out small jewels. Why not compliment your dress with a contrasting waist belt? Not only does this break up solid color but it will also accentuate the waist and provide a stunning hourglass figure. High low dresses also look stunning with an additional bolero, try not to choose a larger or longer jacket or coat as they can drown the dress and change the style and flow of the hemline.

With the style of asymmetric dresses they are better complimented by high heeled sandals, wedges or ankle boots. Flat shoes deter from the body shape and do not flatter the style of dress. Heels add to the height and allow for a more even flow of the back of the dress. Open toe heels keep the theme going with exposed shoulders and heeled ankle boots are an amazing addition to a high low dress with a bit more of a formal image.

High low dresses are an amazing summer addition to any girls’ wardrobe. Excellent for all occasions from a night out to birthday parties to weddings, they will never look out of place. A stunning black hi-low dress with a glittery belt around the waist is perfect for any sort of party whereas a nice subtle neutral tone or white dress is brilliant for weddings or more formal occasions.

To conclude, high low dresses are better complimented by high heeled shoes rather than flats. Do you want to show off that amazing hourglass figure? Wrap a nice contrasting colored belt around the waist for emphasis. The asymmetric dresses are great for showing off the collar bones and compliment any figure gracefully.

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