How You Should Be Using Silk in Your Daily Life

Silk is probably one of the best fabrics… and most luxurious fabrics on the planet. And for some reason people are a little embarrassed to really admit how much they love to touch it. These days there are many great uses for it that will allow you to enjoy it all day long.

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One of the most traditional uses of silk is for bedding purposes Silk Bedding . Silk bedding is the ultimate fabric for bedding. Many things claim to have the same benefits, but the only thing that comes even close is bamboo. Not only is this bedding hypoallergenic, but it’s also one of the most breathable fabrics ever.

Silk insulates really well in the cold weather, and yet like only a few other fabrics… it keeps you really cool in the warm weather too. It’s even been said that silk bedding can help reduce wrinkles and it’s good for your hair.

Silk fabric has also been used for, I would venture thousands of years, for dresses. The Chinese have the finest dresses in the world and they are a true luxury. What’s really fashionable about silk is the way it reflects light. It makes almost all body types seem slimmer with longer lines. And a good silk dress makes all women fell sexy and sophisticated.

The next very common use for silk is in blouses. These are mainly used for women, even though they do have some shirts for men too. True silk shirts are a little rare because they are expensive, but again they are very luxurious. Like dresses they reflect light in ways that make women look slimmer with long lines. And all men love women in silk blouses.

The next silk garment that is really popular with women are scarves. Silk scarves are usually a much finer meaning that they are not woven as thick. The patterns these come in are truly gorgeous and while they don’t really keep you warm like a typical scarf, they are more decorative and perfect for summer. Silk naturally whisks sweat away so scarves in the summer really keep you cool.

As you can tell silk has so many rolls in our lives that most women don’t ever take advantage of. And this was only the tip of the ice burg. There are many other uses for silk that will elevate your life. One last thing, don’t fear to spend the money on silk because it is the strongest of fabrics and lasts a really long time. Just make sure you use 100% mulberry silk.

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