Building or Joining a Blog Network

A blog, or blogging as it is often referred to, is an important phenomenon that has swept the Internet Marketing community by storm. The blogging craze has grown quickly and boasts an average readership of over a 100 million people that share their time between over 20 million blogs. The average blog has been transformed from being a simple online journal or news source to a highly profitable industry that even an average person can prosper from. Participating in a Blogging Network is one way that bloggers have found beneficial by banding together in a supportive way, sharing links and traffic.

But before we get into the how, perhaps we should take a look at the what. A blog is an online journal or record that can feature anything from personal diaries to up to date news articles, information on specific niches such as publishing, computer programming or even automotive repairs. There is no limit to what a blog can achieve or to what it can be but one thing all blogs have in common is the ability to be profitable. This is where Blog Networking takes over and knowing how to create one or why you should join this kind of network can launch your regular blog towards being a superstar. There are a few rules to follow however, and it is my goal to make that information available for those of you that are interested enough to read this series of articles.

In this series, we will not only look at how to create your own Blog Network but also how to optimize your Blog Network so that it will become more than a source for information but also a device to reach all your long term profit goals.

Now that I have hopefully piqued your interest with that all important keyword, profit, let us take a look or define what a Blog Network really is. There are many examples, but here are a couple: 451Press and SuccessBlogNet

The first thing that truly defines a Blog Network is it’s make-up. Typically it is a gathering or network of blogs that by linking together provide a beneficial effect to each other through that linking. The beauty of blog networks is that they can be fairly simple to create if you have the proper knowledge and tools available to you. If you are just starting out in the blog world, there no cause to worry since learning can be fast and easy, and you will enjoy blogging immensely when you are talking about things that you know and love.

If it is your desire to launch into the exciting career of being a successful Blog Mogul, your primary goal will be to create a network.

This does not always have to consist of hundreds of blogs, although in most cases it will, but it does mean that the blog that is your main base of operations needs to be interesting, updated on a regular basis, and will usually have a list of categories and the links of the associated blogs.

Before you do anything else though, it is important to understand the three components of creating a successful Blog Network, specifically the supply of information (the blogs that are in the network), the readers who will be reading it (the traffic), and the products or subjects that you will be showcasing (the information that the readers are searching for).

Unfortunately due to the depth of this topic, I will have to split this rather large subject into a series of smaller articles, so I hope you will stay tuned for future articles that will explore this exciting and profitable subject in greater detail. I promise to post the balance of these articles over the next several days.

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