Is Betting On Horse Races Gambling Or Investing?

You have probably heard someone at some time state that he or she is such a good handicapper, so good at picking horses, that it isn’t gambling, it’s investing. Obviously, it does take DEWA POKER skill to pick winners and to make money betting on horse races. While a person who goes to the races for the first time may have beginner’s luck and win some money, if he or she goes back a few times that luck will evaporate and the money will be lost back with interest.

They say that games of skill aren’t gambling because it takes work to master the game and the person with the most skill will eventually win. Poker is an example of that. There are games that are considered skill games and others that are considered gambling and the line between them is often blurred to say the least.

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After handicapping and betting on horse races for many years I can tell you this based on my own personal experience. Luck is involved in every horse race and every bet you make. It doesn’t matter how good you are, your horse can lose. It isn’t only that way in horse racing, my friend. No matter what you do in life, as the Bible says, “Time and chance happeneth to them all.”

I’ve been a card counter at the black jack tables and I’ve played other games and they all depend on some luck. There are people who sell systems to beat the horse races and other games. Some of those people are honest and tell you upfront that you’ll also need a bit of luck and skill alone isn’t enough, but there are others who make outlandish claims about turning the race track into your own personal bank.

If you’ve lived a while and have some life experience you know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If they really know how to turn the race track or a casino into a bank, why aren’t they going to that bank every day and withdrawing a fortune and furthermore, why would they tell everyone else about it, even for a fee.

The answer, of course, is that they are lying. While there are good horse racing systems that will help you to be a better handicapper and will teach you how to bet on the races so you have a better chance, there are no sure things in life whether at the races or in any other part of our lives. The world doesn’t work that way and that’s why live continues to be interesting though frightening or frustrating at times. Yes, Betting on horse races is always a gamble, but you will have a better chance of winning with a good system and practice.The Eternal Allure of Gambling

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