Social Media for Restaurants – What Are The Social Media Marketing Benefits for Restaurant Owners

Last weekend I had visited one of the restaurants and did all of the above and even more… My photos of meals had a potential to be seen by almost 5000 friends, over 1500 of my followers and many more, as my status updates are Public, my Recommendation for that restaurant was not only seen by all my friends in a newsfeed and a real time ticker, they were also “liked” by 6 of my friends, which means all their friends saw the fact they liked my recommendation. I already lost the count, but you can do the maths, if that’s possible at all…

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Social Media Marketing works on similar lines with basics of social networking – people want to share what they are doing, what they are liking and what they are feeling. It is such a strong networking medium that businesses should make their priority building a Social Media online presence.

Consider the scenario: a person visits your restaurant along with his friends and family, and likes the service offered. They take pictures of the lovely looking meals, posts immediately to Facebook (picture posting) and shares on Twitter. Chances are high that they will update his profile about where he ate that evening (check in feature on Facebook), and possibly even recommend your restaurant to their followers (recommend feature for local businesses).

As you can see, a Facebook business page is crucial as the user would be immediately able to identify your company by ‘tagging’ your business in his message. Then his friends are one click away from finding out about your services, and you’re one step away from gaining a customer.

The advantage of having a presence on such social networking sites is that people will do a lot of your promotion for you! So, after launching your page and growing your followers through advertising, those followers will in turn spread your name and enhance your brand name socially.

Other advantages of using social media for your restaurant include instant advertising. Updating your page with your latest offers, specials or vouchers means that it reaches all your followers at one go! Periodic updates on your restaurant, your menu, as well as interaction with your followers will continue to increase your fans, and in turn, your online presence. Moreover, if your followers are impressed with the offer or new product, they’ll be more likely to share your page with their followers… therefore, if your products or offers are good enough to excite people, your popularity could increase exponentially.

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