Three Ways to Believe in the Wealth of Your Story

When you think about it, outer wealth is inextrictably connected to what happens inside of ourselves. When we feel scared, insecure or intimated by thoughts or the future, our attention rapidly shifts to outcomes instead of focusing on the present moment when all pleasant possibilities can happen. So many people in the world today put their faith and energy on the outcome of making money and even more money. But the real meaning of money is triggered and valued when you can recognize the true inner meaning of what Deepak Chopra refers to as “wealth consciousness.”

Take for example, the feelings and experiences you are carrying right now at this present moment. Each new experience provides the seeds for a new “story.” The possibilities for expressing this story are limitless Tabula Rasa Online Retreat . All we need is a sense of compassion and trust in ourselves and others. When we make decisions based on fear, doubt and uncertainty, we hide and tuck those feelings away because we aren’t so sure what to do with them. But yet, those are the feelings that can also bring your greatest transformation.

Expressing these ‘story seeds’ during life’s darkest moments can bring forth new possibilities in terms of nurturing your inner wealth. All we need is a sense of faith in our present moment. To materialize that inherent wealth of yourself in your story, use these tips as a guide:

The ego can be very clever and can manipulate in more ways than you could ever imagine possible. And that in itself is the secret to living with the ego. What is presented by the ego is always imagined and never true reality. The stories contrived by the ego will always be focused on past or future moments, but never the present moment. The ego knows that if you are living your life based upon the present moment it will lose control over you.

Ego will come and go in your daily thinking, however, the sooner you convert your Four Body System to alignment with the Universe, whereas the Spiritual Body is in the forefront of your daily life, the sooner you will be able to identify the times the ego is manipulating you. The key is to merge the ego into your true higher-self by staying in constant communication with your higher-self guidance system.

When the ego interrupts your higher-self being in daily life, simply smile and acknowledge what is happening. Allow the ego to have its fun and then get back to true reality in the present moment. Until you have fully merged the ego into a higher state of energy vibration it will always crop up to disrupt your right thinking and attempt to manipulate your choices in life to the advantage of lower-self, or role placement thinking. You are much better than that and can easily dismiss the constant interruptions of the egos need to be in control of your life-situations.

Whenever discussions surface based upon fear generated dogma, allow your feelings to guide you back to the true essence of your higher-self perspective of the situation at hand. You will know when you are thinking correctly and when you are wrong thinking. The feels you sense are the triggers to knowing if you are in harmony with the Universe. If you find yourself feeling anything other than happy, joyful and at peace, it is a surely a sign that you are out of harmony with your Original Source Agreement.

Always remember, you are here for the purpose of advancing the energy vibration of the world as we know it. Your gifts are the tools you brought with you to assist humanity in the next step of evolution. When you are living from this higher state of awareness you will always do what is best for everyone, instead of being focused on what is best only for your personality. If the personality is standing in the way of doing what you know in your heart to be correct, there may be ego dominated consequences to pay for your actions. Let this be whatever it is…it matters not whether or not you get what you “think” you want. What really matters is what is best for the collective Oneness.

You are not the ego or the role being played in life-situations; your are the Universal embodiment of the greater whole as seen through the eyes of a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Your greatness will always shine through when you are in alignment with this higher level of energy vibration. Have faith that you will endure any ego based situations that have been placed in front of you on your journey. There will always be times that the ego will attempt to sabotage that greatness. However, if you allow the higher-self to guide you, it will always overpower the limited thoughts the ego contrives to control you life-situation.

Is your life all about waiting? When this or that happens, I will finally be happy, peaceful, or less-stressed. What if you made the decision to be happy now rather than wait for some outside circumstance to create it? We often talk about how excited we will be when a certain thing happens, how wonderful it will be when a specific situation is over, how we can hardly wait for this or that, how all of our problems will be gone when we have a certain amount of money or love.

The issue with this way of thinking is that you will be waiting around forever. Nothing will ever satisfy you. As soon as you get whatever it is that you desire, it will soon be less-than-satisfying, or there will be something else that needs to occur to cause you to feel fulfilled. Nothing outside of yourself can bring you peace or happiness. Everything that you desire first starts within.

In fact, when the newness of what you are searching for finally wears off, or it turns out to be less than you had expected, you may be setting yourself up for quite the disappointment. It may take being on your deathbed to cause you to realize that you just spent your entire life waiting for something to happen.

The good news is that you can choose to be happy, peaceful, joyous, successful, relaxed, loving, and compassionate, now. Many people are rarely satisfied with the moment they are in. Each and every one of us can be peaceful now without waiting around for someone or something to bring it to us. We can just simply choose to be.

Below are some of the best ways to be more at ease and in the moment, and more accepting of what is.

1. Choose what you want to be in every moment. No matter what activity that you are doing, make a choice to bring peace, happiness, joy, and so on into it. For example, when something comes up that irritates you, remind yourself that this just so happens to be the perfect opportunity to practice being peaceful. Choose a specific quality that you would like to embody that day and practice it during every task.

Slow down and be mindful with everything that you do. Bring your full love and attention into the moment. Hold the intention in mind that you are going to practice a certain way of being with all of your activities that day. No matter what the task is, see how peaceful, loving, or grateful you can be while doing it.

The being is always more important than the doing. The fruits of your actions will come about on their own. What is most important is the state that you are in while you are doing. How are you being right here in this moment?

2. Allow yourself to be guided. Having the willingness to listen to those inner callings and intuitive messages is an important travel companion on this journey of being content with what is. In life, we basically have two options. We can listen to what our inner Self is telling us and guiding us to do, or we can ignore it and choose otherwise, which I like to think of as the long way around. Either way, we are all going to get to the same destination one way or the other. The choice, however, is up to you.

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