Coffee Machines

If you have finally decided to buy your own coffee vending machine, it’s time to take a look at the kinds of coffee machines in the market. The coffee type you prefer may dictate the kind of coffee machine you choose. Broadly, there are three kinds of popular machine available. Let us take them one by one and take a look at what they have to offer.

Jura Coffee Machines

Jura is a Swiss brand in the market since the 1930s offering several ranges of coffee machines to suit the budget of the buyer and the environment for which it is needed. The Jura Coffee Machine is for all espresso lovers. The Jura ENA 5 is slightly on the expensive side but covers all your needs. It can be used with ground coffee or coffee beans and can make two espressos at a time. It has a removable water tank, a water filter and a steam pipe for heating and frothing milk. All Jura machines come with a guarantee. It is good to checkout the other Jura models too before deciding on one.

Cappuccino coffee

To know more about these machines, it is necessary to know what Cappuccino Coffee is! Cappuccino is an Italian coffee prepared with Espresso, hot milk and steamed milk hand drip coffee equipment foam. Espresso is concentrated coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. can save you money by brewing gourmet drinks in the comfort of your homes. Of the two types of espresso and cappuccino makers, pump machines are the more powerful. They heat water to an optimal temperature and then propel it through fine-ground beans in 20 to 30 seconds. Though steam machines do not have the power of pump machines, they do produce a decent cup of coffee.

Tassimo Cofee

Tassimo is a consumer coffee machine that prepares one cup serving of espresso, regular coffee, tea, hot chocolate and various other coffee drinks including milk. All machines operate with Tassimo labeled coffee pod called T-Disc. Currently Tassimo Coffee have three single cup coffee makers to choose from. The brewing process in these machines takes 30-60 seconds

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