Games or other names of games are something that is widely played today, if in ancient times games could only be played offline, now games can be played online even through smartphones which we call online games.

This type of online game is a game that can be played with channel media through a signal connection or what is commonly called an internet network dominoqq terpercaya . This game itself is classified as a game that allows players not to play face-to-face during the game.

So games played online can make a player not need to interact or talk to other players directly. But are parents aware of the bad impact that online games have on their children? Do parents know that playing games often makes children forget to do other normal activities?

The online version of the game itself is very exciting to be played by all walks of life, especially for school children who are often used as entertainment after being tired of school. Today’s school children on average already have and are able to operate a smartphone in which various applications can be downloaded, whether it’s offline or online games. And if not limited then this type of game has a bad impact on children. It is not impossible that they are more concerned with playing games than studying.

There are so many types of online games available on Android including Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire Garena, and Genshin Impact. These games can be played directly from a smartphone with only internet capital

Actually, games can have a positive impact on school children such as training dexterity, increasing sportsmanship, reducing stress, and can be an effort to relieve feelings when they are tired of doing activities for a long time such as studying. But of course it must be done in a proportional manner, on a regular basis of course.


Many children who often play games are caused by the negligence of parents who are not paying attention to their child’s development. Many parents think that as long as they are given a gadget, then all the problems that are owned by children seem to have been sorted out. So from there, many children start to get addicted to playing games on smartphones and this can cause many bad effects if children are allowed to always play games without any learning responsibility for those who are still in school.

Apart from making you lazy, playing online games continuously can also have many other negative effects on school children. There are health problems, there are also mental disorders.

The bad impact given to children due to online game addiction is greater than the positive impact given. And worse, one of the disorders that occur due to children playing games too often can cause dependence or addiction to the game itself. Children will be very difficult to break away from this dependence

In order to prevent bad effects for your child, it’s a good idea to prevent your child from playing online games for too long, even if you can tell them to play outside and spend time with their friends. Or doing other positive activities such as studying, participating in private lessons, and so on.

Additional information for parents to be aware of some sites that could be a trap for your child. Many gambling sites use words that trap children so they can open the site.

For example, using the best games, even though the content is purely gambling. Or also they openly use names such as domino 99 gambling which creates curiosity for children. Beware.

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