The Evolution of Mass Consciousness and the Advent of Contemporary Representational Painting

Original oil paintings, in this age of easily, cheaply reproduced images and giclees of famous and not so famous paintings, photography, and paintings done from second generation, two dimensional formats such as paintings of other paintings, or photos, seem to be like the steam engine, an outdated but beautiful relic, only to be appreciated in a museum, or the home of a wealthy art collector.

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That maybe changing, with the shift in the art world from postmodernism to contemporary, representational painting styles. Much of this new wave that is sweeping the art world is primarily an outgrowth of the evolution in the mass consciousness KAWS SHARE – BLACK . The increasing awareness of human consciousness is that reality is not immutable, and that truth is mostly subjective but also contains a small amount of objectivity.

The acknowledgment that our perceptions of things affect our experience of the world, and that reality is mostly subjective, has fostered the reemerging interest in classical, original oil painting styles that we see today. There hasn’t been a better time to become an oil painter of classical, representational, original paintings done from direct observation of nature, than right now. Classical ateliers, which embrace the time honored, but almost lost and hard to come by, original oil painting techniques of the masters among the renaissance artists, are springing up like mushrooms all over the country.

The length of time required to produce a highly developed oil painting as long been an impediment to both the ability of an artist to make a living at doing it, and to meet demands of interested buyers. This single fact, as well documented in the excellent piece by Fred Ross, his keynote address to the Oil Painters of America and which can be read in full by clinking on the link in the resource box to the Art Renewal Center, was historically the biggest catalyst to the birth of modern art.

Art galleries and dealers needed to expedite the production of original oil paintings so they could make more money. It was just taking too long for patrons to wait a full year for a full size original painting by Alma-Tadema or Waterhouse; and even at top dollar prices, it wasn’t as lucrative as selling cubist paintings that could be pumped out in a day.

So, the modern art movement was born. And although I agree with Fred Ross that economics was the biggest driving force in the beginnings of modern art, he leaves out the important fact that THAT was just the storyline which reflected what FIRST was a change in the mass consciousness.

Acknowledging this premise allows for a less judgmental attitude toward modern art, and in fact, validates the part it played in the evolution of our mass consciousness. Although I prefer the classical representational art, I respect modern art as a valid experience. There was certainly plenty of ” the Emperor’s new clothes” going on for the last hundred and fifty years, or so. But modern art should be seen as an outgrowth of the evolution of human consciousness, rather than some external conspiracy that was foisted upon us by a handful of business savvy art dealers in New York City during the turn of the last century.

Like many of my contemporaries that prefer to paint original oil paintings from directly observed nature, whether it be the human figure or a landscape or a piece of fruit, it is the painting experience itself that is conducive to states of being that are timeless and blissful. Most of us painters that prefer to use traditional materials and methods keep doing what we do because of the exquisite and transcendent quality of the time spent in the creation of an original oil painting. For me, there is nothing to compare to the sensory experience of holding a paint brush, sitting with nature, looking for the light, solving a painting problem, and creating something beautiful. Even the smell of oil paint gets me going.

Face painting has become so common nowadays that people are always searching for new ideas for mouth painting. It has become quite common to see football and cricket fans watching a game with their faces painted in the colours of their favourite team, and in fact, they even get special hats and fancy dresses for the occasion. What started out as a fad with children has now taken on a whole new dimension; now, even adults like to get their faces painted when attending an occasion, which may not necessarily be a fancy dress party.

Painting faces requires skill and imagination and not everyone can do it. People who lack the basic skills of painting faces will end up mucking it up. Faces should be painted depending on the occasion. If it is a football or a cricket game, the colours of the club or the flag of the country are big favourites. Fans want to show their affiliations. For a children party, the mouth-painting would depend on the theme of the party. Boys may want their faces painted as pirates, monsters, robots, etc. and girls would like to be painted as fairies, witches, mermaids, etc. Painting animal faces is also a good idea as the child can play as being the animals painted on their faces.

Sceneries and landscapes also look nice as mouth paintings, like a sunset on the side of the mouth. Painting a clown mouth is always very popular and there are many variations that you can make to it. Painting a batch of children with the mouth of the exact same clown can be quite hilarious, as it will be difficult to tell who is who. By adding lipstick or glitter, you can really add a new dimension to the mouth design.

Mouth painting butterflies is another idea in which the creativity of the mouth painter can be fully utilised. A butterfly with its wings painted on eyelids can be very attractive. Every time the person blinks, it would seem as if the butterfly has flapped its wings. The same effect can be created by painting a bird on the face. Painting the mouth of a cat is also quite popular as you can align the lips of the cat with that of the person.

Creative mouth painting also depends on how elaborate the person wants to get their mouth painted. Some face painting designs can be quite elaborate like if you are painting a theme like dreams or illusions. Such face painting may require painting the neck as well. It is essentially the theme that drives the mouth painting design. Everything that you can imagine can be painted on the face. Therefore, it is the imagination that will motivate the face-painter. Of course, the person whose mouth is being painted should agree to the idea as well.

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