Stop Smoking and Put that Cigarette Away Forever

Smoking is an addiction similar to heroine or cocaine addiction. Despite the fact that our society has become more health conscious in the last few years, millions of people continue to smoke on a regular basis. A person is considered a regular smoker if he smokes at least 1 cigarette a day. Many people smoke up to 2 packs a day or more. With all the warnings these days, it is surprising that so many people choose to continue with this bad habit. Doctors advise that the sooner a person can stop smoking, the more likely he is to reverse the damage that has already been done.

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Why do people smoke? One reason may be that advertisers target kids, young adults and women. The ads make smoking look fun and exciting Friendly Farms Carts for Sale . Ads geared towards women tout the slimming effects of smoking. The ads never mention the wrinkles, smoker’s cough, or health problems that can result from smoking. Movies sometimes make smoking appear glamorous. Peer pressure leads kids to smoke. Many older people may have started smoking years ago before it had such a stigma attached to it. Children who have parents who smoke are likely to start smoking themselves. Some people think smoking makes them look cool. There are many different reasons why people choose to start smoking.

Why is it so hard to stop smoking? As has already been mentioned, smoking is an addiction. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which occurs naturally in tobacco. Nicotine is a physically and psychologically addictive substance. Nicotine gives pleasurable feelings to smokers and makes them want to smoke more. The more a person smokes the more their tolerance to nicotine. As a result, the body needs to maintain a certain level of nicotine. Smokers who attempt to stop smoking experience withdrawal symptoms, which may lead him to begin smoking again. These symptoms can last from several days to several weeks. Other than nicotine, many people find it hard to stop smoking because it is a regular habit that is too hard to break.

Why should people stop smoking? There are many physical effects of smoking such as bad breath, premature wrinkles and stained teeth. Smoking can even alter the taste of food. Smoking is becoming less socially acceptable. Many restaurants no longer have smoking sections and many hospitals are becoming smoke free environments. Smoking is also an expensive habit and cigarette taxes continue to rise to deter people from smoking. Smoking is not only dangerous to the smoker, but it can be bad for the smoker’s loved ones that have to deal with constant secondhand smoke. Then there are the obvious health risks of smoking including lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia.

There are many resources available to help people stop smoking. Nicotine replacement is designed to help a person stop smoking by providing nicotine as a patch or gum, free from the other harmful substances in cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy cuts down on the withdrawal symptoms that cause so many people to start smoking again. Other treatments include hypnosis, aromatherapy and acupuncture. In addition to these treatments, avoiding situations that encourage smoking is a good idea. Having friends who support the decision to stop smoking is also beneficial. Regardless of how long a person has been smoking, the decision to stop smoking is the best decision he will ever make.

Quitting Smoking doesn’t have to be a struggle with your will power, or an endless battle with withdrawal symptoms. To quit smoking successfully there are several key steps you need to take and several things you need to look at. Contrary to what most people and ‘experts’ think and say, using patches, gums will power and eating celery sticks will get you nowhere.

Before we look at the ten steps you need to go through to quit smoking we should briefly look at a few statistics.

Studies have shown that only 16% of smokers who use nicotine replacement therapy (patches and gums etc.) succeed at quitting, and only 10% of smokers who use will power succeed. Furthermore the people that use these methods still have to deal with cravings, pangs, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, weight gain and stress.

When deciding to quit smoking, there a lot of different ways to choose from. Most long-time smokers choose to quit smoking cold turkey. It really depends on your lifestyle as to which method you choose. Read the article below to read about some interesting fact if you decide to quit smoking cold turkey.

When you quit smoking cold turkey you are applying one of the oldest and most popular methods to help people quit smoking. People who quit smoking cold turkey ultimately choose not to use any quit smoking aids to help them stop smoking. Contrary to the popular beliefs of those selling quitting aids, about 90% of all long-term successful ex-smokers quit smoking cold turkey. There are a quite a few people, I know, who have quit smoking cold turkey. So I know it can be done! There’s a number of good reasons to quit smoking cold turkey, finding the right one for you is what matters most.

You should consider the facts if you decide to quit smoking cold turkey:

When making the choice to quit smoking cold turkey, it is essential to understand that withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, tiredness and more, may be fairly intense, but they will subside after just a few days. This time is the toughest because you might feel sick from withdrawal. You may have none or just one or two withdrawal symptoms because they will differ from person to person and from time to time. Doing a little extra research on the possible withdrawals will help prepare you to better deal with them if you do experience them.

Another essential element you will need to quit smoking cold turkey is support. Support from family is a key element in helping you throughout the entire quit smoking process and beyond. That is why you should get all of the stop smoking support that you can in order to quit for good. People who actively organize a support system for their stop smoking efforts are more likely to succeed.

While having strong willpower is essential, ultimately your success depends on how badly you want to quit and whether or not you know you can do it. A lot of people who have tried to stop smoking have been unsuccessful due to the method they chose to help them stop smoking. Methods like taking a walk or calling a friend when you feel like smoking will help you to be able to be successful while you are trying to quit smoking. The good news is, if you are not victorious trying to quit smoking cold turkey, then you will be glad to know that there are now more effective treatments available that can more than double your chances of quitting successfully.

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