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For Instant Pot Beans and Rice or for soup you’ll probably want to flavor while cooking. Add onion, garlic, spices before or during cooking but salt after cooking. Salt can keep beans from softening up so you want to avoid adding while they are cooking but rather once they’re alreadyContinue Reading

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Guys need cool t shirts. Period. Get to the store or shop online and get yourself some really cool t shirts. You are not really scoring points with the ladies by wearing that ratty, old faded beer shirt that you won when you were in college. Everyone has their favoriteContinue Reading

It’s no secret that Business Casual Clothing for Women is a growing segment of the clothing market. Today, women can purchase Business Clothes for Women in a multitude of colors and fabrics. This is attributed to the fact that business women are more trendy and image conscious than men. InContinue Reading

These foods contain saturated fat as well as cholesterol, which are both associated with higher blood cholesterol and plaque buildup. It’s possible that your energy levels are still high at week 27, and that you are trying to maximize your time before baby. Or you may be struggling to getContinue Reading

You don’t live near Atlantic City or Las Vegas but you like to gamble. The Internet revolution has brought the possibility of online gambling to every home that has a computer and an internet connection. There has been an explosion of online casinos and online poker rooms. It’s easy toContinue Reading